Fear of God

Jerry Lorenzo is the creator of Fear of God, the son of a late professional baseball player and famous coach, Jerry Manuel. He originates from Sacramento, California, and started his career as a football player. He received professional degrees from the University of Florida A&M university and later moved to LA  to receive his post-graduate degree in MBA from Loyola Marymount. At the same time, he worked in the stockroom at diesel and later at the store. After selling more than 5000 dollar worth of commodities, he was promoted to the store-front worker.

In 2008 he worked as a promoter for different parties, which provided him with training regarding the product’s branding. Although he had no experience and sense of fashion trends, Lorenzo shifted his focus to the clothing and fashion industries after becoming a father. He started his brand with his saying of about 14000 dollars. When Lorenzo announced the release of his very first collection, it came out to be pretty successful around the world.

His ravishing streetwear labels tempted the support and engrossment of many fashionistas, celebrities, rappers, and singers like Kayne West, Virgil Abloh, and many others. After his debut collection was a success, when people wanted to collaborate with him, he went to A.P.C Yeezus, a tour product, and Yeezy Season one.

Fear of God aroused the attention of Justin Beiber, a very well-known singer. For his 2016 Purpose World Tour, he wanted to modify his style and his commodities along with Kendrick Lamar, whose tracksuit was explicitly designed by  Jerry. Fear of God grabs the attention of many other celebrities like Colin Kaepernick, Michael B Jordan, Ellen DeGeneres, Beyonce, Jared Leto, and many others.

All these celebs were the spokesmen and women of the world-famous brand Gucci. However, they still appeared in the Sixth collection of F.O.G. IT is pretty appreciative and aspiring that without external support, it will become prevalent in fashion industries. Annually his monthly revenue is exponentially increasing.

Some Distinctive Collections of F.O.G

Let’s go through some of its magnetic products, Jerry Lorenzo:

Fourth collection

After several collections since his debut, Fear of God launched its fourth collection. After the launch of this collection, Lorenzo took his clothing sets into a completely new mode. The fourth collection left everybody flabbergasted and dumbfounded with significant diversification in flannels which were available in all sizes, including oversize pieces as well the beautiful denim with better design and shape than the previous one and the signature bomber jacket along with denim coat that was introduced for the very first and great varieties in sneakers.

Sixth Collection

After the success of the fifth collection, a new collection was launched with great varieties and variations into bomber jackets, vest and chore coasts, classic tapered leather pants, track pants with denim, and cargo pants that set a new benchmark in the fashion world.

With exceptional quality, the two-tone wool bomber comprises the sixth collection printed at the back side with a typical tracksuit, and a drop crotch zippered jumpsuit was part of this collection. Additionally, an amendment was made to the color design of his collection, and he used dark tones like dark gray, mustard, and different shades of brown to make Carhartt fans more alluring and eye-catching.

The seventh collection 

This collection is the most stunning collection of 2022 that was just launched recently with the most graceful collections of all time. After consecutively working for about two years, finally, this collection is out. This collection comprises suiting, knits, and some accessories are added as a part of this collection.

Besides clothing, the real soul of this collection is accessories which include: bags, belts, wallets, and much more. The entire collection of accessories is designed in Italy, from hand stitching to the finishing line.

Similarly, fabrics are blended with classic and innovation. They are being imported from one of the famous mills of Italy and England, and they are produced last long with great versatility and better functionality than other brands.